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United For Democracy


Many organised groups of people that have had enough of the dictatorship of the conventional politicians, know that a modern direct democracy, in which the people have the decision making right, is the only way out of the disaster we call democracy today. We know that even those we have elected, are not the ones who decide what happens in our society. We need to cut off the real decision makers from the political process, and take back our sovereignty.

This is why BfB, in cooperation with PID, is trying to get all the smaller groups of politically active people under one roof, to work united towards the common goal.

We can make this a global thing if every one is spreading the word.

Every group can keep its own identity and independence, while working on the one common goal all together.

Once the people have been given back the decision right, only those changes will be implemented which have been decided by those who participated in the decision making process, so that only the will of the majority counts, and not the will of a few.

Read about the plan.

To join your group to United For Democracy, please contact: BfB or PID.

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